Why not get rewarded for buying what you love for you, family and gifts for kids parties? Its super easy and you could be taking 25% off every purchase!

To start an account or check your rewards click on the REWARDS button on the bottom left of your screen. 

Rewards Levels:
Beautiful Bronze 10% - 1500 My Family Points ($123 in purchases + our ‘Get Active’ steps)
Silver Sea Glitter 15% - 3000 My Family Points
Sunrise Gold 25% - 5000 My Family Points

Its super easy:
Even before your first purchase you earn 100 bonus points just for setting up your account. You will hit our first Sea Glitter Silver Bonus discount level (10% off) in no time with 10 points for every $ spent + points for following us on Facebook and Instagram, referring friends, reviews and of course we will treat you on your birthday!

How to Earn:

Get 10 points for every $ spent up to 3000 points
Get 20 points for every $ spent 3000 - 5000 points
Get 30 points for every $ spent 5000+

Get Active (free points)
You can earn a minimum 270 points simply by spending 5 minutes doing these few quick steps!

Create an account +100 My Family Points Earned
Complete profile +20 My Family Points Earned
On your birthday +10 My Family Points Earned
Share us on Facebook +10 My Family Points Earned
Like us on Facebook +10 My Family Points Earned
Follow us on Instagram +10 My Family Points Earned
Refer a friend +100 My Family Points Earned
Review a product 10 My Family Points Earned - Max 1/month 

Start today and make sure you tell your friends and share on socials.. Oh and yes.. we will reward you for that too! Happy shopping!!