The Easy Clean Bento
The smart, simple + hygienic choice...
100% Mould Protection.
Make the best choice...
My Family Easy Clean Bento
My Family Lunch Cooler Bag
My Family Food Jars
My Family 400ml Stainless Steel Bottles

The Easy Clean Bento is packed with features and options to make sure kids lunches can change daily from sandwiches to grazing and parents can feel certain food is stored in the most hygienic design available featuring new 100% mould protection.

So Why Us?

Here at My Family Kids Brand, we are passionate about developing food storage solutions that are quality and kid tough.  We are excited about healthy eating and helping families minimise waste by offering an alternative to children’s food storage that ends up as landfill after one term.

Our super cute core concept characters are available in an ever-growing range of matching food storage combos offering value and ease to our customers. We are Australian owned and operated and independently test everything..if our own family doesn't use it, it doesn't make the range!

We can't wait for you to fall in love with our products the way thousands over Australia have!

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