Frequently Asked Questions - My Family Super Bento Lunchbox

Frequently Asked Questions - My Family Super Bento

At My Family Kids Brand, our social conscience drives our team to develop and source food storage solutions made from premium quality materials featuring kid tough construction. Our proposition is simple, we offer fun designs to get kids excited about healthy eating and to help families minimise waste by offering an alternative to children’s food storage that ends up as landfill after one term.

My Family Super Bento is literally the best thing since sliced bread but we know you may want to know why and how to get the best out of your investment!


Yes! We do sell wholesale. Email us at and we will get back to you asap. We would love to welcome you onboard our distribution group.

Is My Family Super Bento leakproof?

Yes. My Family Super Bento is a leakproof container. My Family Super Bento’s silicone lid mirrors with the different tray configurations to create a leak-proof seal keeping food where you packed it. This includes wet foods like yogurt, hummus and applesauce. Foods will not leak between compartments or outside of the box. NOTE: water will leak between compartments. See below for packing wet foods.

How do I pack wet foods?

My Family Super Bento is designed to hold wet foods but not liquids.

 For best results: 

  • Place your Super Bento in a My Family Cooler Bag to avoid excess warming and condensation
  • Remove any excess liquid from canned fruit, applesauce and yogurts
  • For watery fruit (ie watermelon, orange) place a small square of paper towel below the fruit
  • Do not overfill compartments
  • Yogurt drinks, soups and dressings are best packed in our My Family Hot Food Jars

Is My Family Super Bento dishwasher safe?

Yes the My Family Super Bento inner tray is dishwasher safe. Top rack only and remove before the drying cycle. The outer shell of the Easy Clean Bento is handwash only. My Family Super Bento can withstand temperatures of 65C/149F, 110 minute cycle. My Family Super Bento is made with ABS (exterior box), Tritan (tray), and silicone (seal). My Family Super Bento is designed with rounded edges and smooth surfaces to make hand washing easy. 

Special Care instructions for the silicone seal (Older Style): Please be sure to empty contents each day, hand wash with warm soapy water and thoroughly dry your My Family Super Bento before storing. Also, if you live in a damp or humid environment, leave My Family Super Bento ajar, not sealed when storing. If you pack oily foods regularly, coat with a baking soda paste once a week overnight to avoid build-up.

Will my Bento Box stay mould free?

To ensure your Bento Box stays 100% hygenic please adhere to the care instructions. Hand wash the outer shell only and fully air-dry in between use. Leave the box slightly open when not in use.

What’s the best way to keep my Super Bento cool and protected?

My Family Super Bento is compact and fits neatly in the My Family Cooler Lunch Bag keeping the contents cool for a full school day. The new extra long design of the Cooler Lunch Bag also means it can accommodate an extra small Bento Box or the My Family Slidelock Bags or Food Jar.

Is My Family Super Bento food safe?

Yes. All materials are food-safe, BPA-Free, Phthalates-free.

What exact materials are used in the My Family Super Bento?

Inner Tray: Food grade Tritan

Outer Shell: Food grade ABS

Lining: Food grade Silicone

Is My Family Super Bento microwavable?

We do not recommend microwaving the My Family Super Bento as it is designed for serving cold or room temperature foods. If foods that require reheating are being packed, we recommend using removable silicone cups or the My Family Hot Food Jar.

Does My Family Super Bento come with utensils or drink cup?

My Family Super Bento is sold with many different accessories such as backpacks, stainless steel drink bottles with custom designed leak proof hygienic lids, lunchbags, food jars and reusable slidelock bags. Kids love having their favourite character on all of their daily essentials and so do we!

How big is My Family Super Bento?

weight .66kg length 26cm x height 5cm x width 18.5cm

weight 1.72 pounds  length10.23 x height 1.96 in x  7.28 in

What portions does My Family Super Bento accommodate?

My Family Super Bento has 6-compartment food tray, is perfect for toddlers through school age children who enjoy the variet of all-day grazing. It accommodates five 1/2 cup portions of the five main food groups plus one dip/treat well.

My Family Super Bento 4-compartment food tray is wrap and sandwich-friendly. This is a great option for kids and adults of all ages that prefer sandwich, wrap and salad style lunches. It has one large sandwich size section (2 cups) with two smaller 1/2 cup sides plus a 1 oz/30ml dip/treat well. 

Is My Family Super Bento’s tray removable?

Yes. My Family Super Bento’s tray fits snuggly in the bottom half of the exterior box. It can be removed easily for cleaning, packing or for at home use. In fact, kids love eating all of their meals out of My Family Super Bento’s tray at home too! Put your toddlers breakfast in your Bento and see how much more they eat. The first time you open My Family Super Bento, you may find that the tray is slightly difficult to remove. After initial removal, it will return to its comfortably snug fit.

Are My Family Super Bento’s trays interchangeable?

Yes the 6-compartment trays and the 4 compartment trays are interchangeable in the models that fit the 6 compartment trays that launched in October 2018. If you are unsure ask your retailer.

Can I pack a My Family Super Bento lunch the night before and store it in the fridge?

Yes. My Family Super Bento acts as an excellent storage container. The seal keeps foods fresh for days in the fridge.


Our range is built to last, but we can’t guarantee that our products can withstand tantrums and drops from the top of the cubby house. Our products have a manufacturer's warranty of twelve months. This covers any manufacturing defects such as issues with parts or materials. Everyday wear and tear, and care issues including ripping, spills, mould and stains (i.e issues NOT caused by a fault in the manufacturing process) are not covered under manufacturer warranty.

If you are having any issues with your My Family products, please send us an email at We may require photos of products to valuate if it has been mishandled. Replacement parts will be utilised to address defects when available.

Please supply us with your order number or proof of purchase and photos of the fault when you email us. :) 

Does My Family Super Bento ship to my country?

My Family Super Bento is sold through its national retail network in Australia so please use our store locator to find your local store. If you would like your local retailer to stock My Family Super Bento, please ask them contact us for wholesale information.

If you are outside of Australia you can purchase from