3 Features of the Easy Clean Bento

3 Features of the Easy Clean Bento

Our Easy Clean Bento Lunchbox is one of our favourite products of all time! This amazing product is jam packed full of features that not only make lunch exciting, but life as a parent easier! We know that the morning school lunch prep is no easy feat, and we are certain that we have made is easier with our Easy Clean Bento. Here are 3 amazing features that make this lunchbox the easy and smart solution! 

100% Mould Protection:
We know that there are many bento products on the market today, many of them have mould issues and are unable to be completely cleaned! This is not the case with our Easy Clean Bento. Each section is able to be completely removed and adequately cleaned featuring 100% mould protection. 


100% Leakproof:
Gone are the days of having your child’s yoghurt spill in their lunch bag. Our Easy Clean Bento features 100% airtight silicon seals! 


12 month warranty:
We back our products 110%. We know that they are made from quality materials and last more than a term. We offer a 12 month warranty against all defects. Not only will your wallet thank you, the environment will too!


Jam packed with features, our Easy Clean Bento Lunchbox makes sure that kids lunches can change daily and parents can rest assured that food is stored in the most hygienic way possible! Make the wise choice today and swap to the Easy Clean Bento