Lunch Bags: 10 Reasons Why Ours Are The Best On The Market

Lunch Bags: 10 Reasons Why Ours Are The Best On The Market

When it came to creating the ultimate kids lunch bag, to not only add to but compliment our range, I had some specific requirements that I wanted to cover to ensure that the My Family Kids Lunch Bag was the best on the market. As a mum, it has always been a challenge to find a good quality, decent sized lunch bag that not only had enough space, but kept my children's lunches cold for the entire day.  I was also continually on the hunt for a lunch bag that stood the test of time and could put up with the rigorous treatment that my children threw at it every day! I knew that this was no easy task however, after months of research and development we came up with the ultimate lunch bag: The My Family Kids lunch bag.

I wanted to take the time to explain to you exactly why this lunch bag is so great! Here are the key benefits:


  1. Extra Large Design: We created a lunch bag that could fit our My Family Kids Bento as well as leaving space for an extra snack or yoghurt or a whole piece of fruit. Perfect for larger appetites that require filling throughout the day.
  2. 100% Mould Resistant: I have not met a parent that has not had issues with mould on their kid’s lunch bags. We worked tirelessly to create a lunch bag that is 100% mould resistant.
  3. Machine Washable: There is nothing more annoying than having to clean out spilled yoghurt from your kid’s lunchbox at the end of the day by hand. Our lunch bags are completely machine washable. Simply pop them in the wash on a cold cycle and hang to dry! Simple & easy!
  4. Matte PVC FREE Stain Resistant Coating: Most would be totally unaware that the majority of lunch bags on the market have a glossy PVC coating. This is not good around food and can cause toxicity issues that can leach into your child's food.
  5. Foil Inner: This keeps the contents super cold and is safe when used around food!
  6. Ultra Thin, 6 Hour Cold Ice Pack: This is one of our favourite features of the My Family Kids Brand Lunch Bag. As you would know, cold packs on the market today would be lucky to keep your kid’s lunches cold for a couple of hours. We worked hard to create an ultra thin ice pack that will keep your children’s lunches cold for the entire school day. This means that despite the time or outside temperature, you know that your child can have healthy and nutritious food all day long – stored at a safe temperature. The ultra-thin design means that there is no lost space in your lunch bag.
  7. Zip In Mesh Pocket for Ice Pack: Gone are the days of lost ice packs. Our handy zip in mesh pocket will keep everything together all day long.
  8. 12 month warranty: Backed by a 12 month warranty, our lunch bags are built to last and we stand by that claim!
  9. Side Pocket for Drink Bottle: Our lunch bag is designed so that you can conveniently carry everything needed for your lunch all together. No more forgetting their drink bottle.  
  10. Matching Designs: Available in gorgeous designs to match our drink bottles, food jars and bentos – they are the perfect option! 

Like all of our products, you can be rest assured that when you purchase our My Family Kids Brand Lunch Bag, it has been tried and tested and is backed by our quality guarantee. 

Get yours today!